How To Trade Cryptocurrencies With No Effort

If you want to make money by trading cryptocurrencies, with the least amount of effort, read this, I got a few solutions for you.

In my previous post, I spoke about doing your own technical and fundamental analysis, which are very powerful tools that help traders understand where prices might go in the future.

But doing analysis on your own takes time, quite a lot, actually, and it’s not tha easy to do. If you have a job it’s especially hard for you to trade since you come home from work, have to work some more, then you have only very little time for yourself.

Because trading by yourself is taking that much time, many people give up. It’s not that they can’t do it, it’s that they’re not willing to invest time as well, besides money.

time is money, invest wisely

I remember when I was a wanna-be trader while working my ass off as an account manager for a sales company. All day long I had to deal with numbers and with people and when I come home I had to deal with more numbers If I wanted to stop depending on my job.

I was terrible. Why? Because I was in no mood to do tiring technical and fundamental analysis after 8 hours of work. So I was doing some lousy analysis, resulting in some lousy signals, losing me money, keeping me away from my financial freedom.

I then finally understood that I need help if I want to actually make some money by trading and I started looking for help online.

Now, if you’re serious about making money, giving up is not an option, finding a solution is. So let’s talk about a few solutions for people who want to trade even though they don’t have time or don’t want to put in the effort.

1) Get professional signals

If we’re talking about the easiest way to trade with the lowest amount of time to invest, then a signal provider is the way to go. Absolutely no effort done by yourself, you just receive the signal and execute the trade.

One particular signal provider I found incredibly useful was this (click here). The creator of it promises very good returns and boy, does he deliver.

It’s got a really easy to use interface which will have anyone understand the signal and act on it as soon as possible. This makes cryptocurrency trading so much easier for beginners especially.

crypto trading signals

If you’re interested in the kind of profits they get, and how they get them, you can check them out here (click it).

It’s a web-based service so you don’t even need to download and install anything, just get on their website and enjoy the signals. They provide signals on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies so whether you want to trade just Bitcoin or some altcoins, they got you covered.

Later on, in the article, I’m going to tell you why this is your best option, so keep on reading.

2) Copy other people’s trades

If you cannot afford a signal provider (really?) but you still want signals, what you can do is follow other people, experts, people with experience. Some of them share their trades on certain websites so people can try their luck with the strategy they’re using as well.

It takes a little bit of research to find good traders, especially ones who share their trades with you, and most of them don’t share that much information with you or they try to sell you some sort of courses or memberships.

I recommend following traders with proven results (a lot of proven results) otherwise you might end up having a bad experience.

One such guy which I follow is this guy.

crypto trading signals

He regularly posts overviews and strategies on tradingview. His expertise is top notch which made me follow him for quite a while now. I use the information he provides to sometimes simplify my trading life, when I want to open trades but without researching too much.

In my previous post I gave you a list of a 100 people you should follow to get an idea where your coins might be headed in the future.

3) YouTube is full of wise traders

You don’t have time to do your own research but I think you can find some time on your way home or while doing some trivial tasks to listen to some cryptocurrency gurus who are sharing their knowledge and signals on YouTube.

YouTubers that I follow are DataDash and Crypt0. They provide valuable insights into what a trader should do, keep you up to date with the latest news and share out some of their own trades.

You can learn a great deal of information about the cryptocurrency market, how to approach it and what to look out for by watching these guys. I have learned a lot from watching almost all of their videos. But again, that will take some of your time.

I’m not saying they’re crypto gods but every once in a while you’ll get a some good signals if you follow their videos. This should also help you trade without too much work done by yourself.

Best option?

If time really is a big issue to you, or you suck at doing your own research, or if you want to make money trading but you’re not that interested in trading then the option with the least amount of effort, time and brain power needed is the signal provider (click here).

It takes no time for you to follow the signal and execute the trade. Not only does it do your job of researching the market, but it does it in a way which will boost your profits.

What I mean by this is that it’s got an accuracy rate which left me with gains between 20% and 70%.

Here’s a small portion of their signals history and the profits they were able to produce.

cryptocurrency trading signals

The signal provider appeals to all kinds of traders. If you’re an experienced trader, use the the information they’re providing you with, compare it with yours and reach a stronger trading signal.

Two brains are always better than one, especially when one of them is trained specifically to understand complex things such as the cryptocurrency market.

If you’re a beginner in trading cryptocurrencies, if you’ve got no idea how to understand the market, this is a great way to start. All you have to do is just follow the signals and open the trade.

This short video below shows you how it’s done:

They got pretty much everything you may need, including:

  • Market Condition Tool – which shows you what the current market condition is (duh) and if it’s a good time to trade;
  • Top Exchanges – it will show you the best exchanges providing you the possibility to trade a wide variety of coins, thus giving you the chance to act on all of their signals;
  • Ranking Feature – sort of like CoinMarketCap, which lets you see the best performers, rising stars and most popular coins, which helps you choose what coins you should trade next and which signals you should focus on.

But the best feature is the news aggregator, which basically gathers the most important news affecting the market, thus reinforcing the signal, because it lets you know one of the reasons your coins might go up or down.

All of these features in one place help in achieving strong signals which have helped me personally book some really nice profits ever since I discovered CTR.


If you’ve got time and are really interested in trading you can probably live without a signal provider, by following others and learning from them (though it helps to have it)

But if you’re too busy and you need time, not just for your job but for taking care of you and your life, or if you just started trading and you’re kind of clueless, then you will receive all the help you need from the CTR signal provider. All the other methods will take time, a lot of time, a lot of brain power and work and you may still miss on some good opportunities.

If making money by trading is one of your priorities, this will bring great value to you, so check their website (click it).


You should not consider any information you read on this website as investment advice. The information and tools mentioned in the article are just what I have been using to get me decent results in my trades. I cannot guarantee you that you will succeed by following what was said in the article. Results may vary from person to person. Follow these guidelines with caution and always seek expert counsel if you’re serious about investing.

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